Income Tax Services

Income Tax Services

Income Tax Services

Vinod Krishna and Associates is known for its Income Tax Services for its clients. Our firm can handle the tax compliance workload of our clients timely and efficient manner. Under the guidance of our ideal CA Vinod Gupta, the renowned tax expert, we can provide the best advice in the field of taxation. With our professionally qualified and trained staff, many times we established as a lifesaver to our clients. Our team has expert Knowledge concerning income tax planning, preparation, documenting and filing.

Whether you choose income tax preparation services for your personal or for business, we assure you great support and professional guidance, with the best of tax planning. Our Indian income tax structure keeps on changing every year, which is why every client needs a personalised consultation. It is not just the Finance Act which brings changes but the notifications, circulars, press releases, latest case laws, etc. which bring the changes in the working of a tax professional.

In addition to the personal or individual tax return, we also specialise in Partnership Firm, small Corporate Firms, Trust and Societies. Apart from business income tax, we handle various cases of different income courses such as Agricultural income, Income from Shares, Income from Real Estate, Income from Speculation, Income from E-commerce, Income from Abroad or many more.

We handle the following Income tax matters for our Clients:

PAN TAN Status of Refund
File Return Online File TDS Return Challan Preparation / Status
Pay tax Online Rectify/ Correction of Return Tin Facilitation Centre
Advance Tax Calculation and Payment Tax Audit Handling Penalties, Notices and Prosecution
Linking PAN to Adhaar Outstanding Tax Demand Online view through Traces



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